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this is zingofilm

ZINGO film & tv AB is a film company that specialises in children´s and youth film and television. The company was established in 2002 and is planning to become a market leader in children´s and youth film.

We wish to continue developing the rich children´s and youth film tradition we have in Sweden. We are doing just that by gathering the competence and the people that is needed, people who think children´s and youth film is the most rewarding work there is.

We are more than happy to co-produce children´s and family feature films as well as films for and by young people.

HAPPY ZINGO AB, a subsidiary company to ZINGO film was established in 2005 for the main purpose of producing the featurefilm HOPPET "Leaps and bounds".

Another subsidiary company is PALATSET RIDDARHOLMEN AB whose purpose is to develop Swedens new national arena for young culture.

Please e-mail or call us for further information!

Zingofilm & tv ab. Malmskillnadsgatan 41. 111 38 Stockholm. info@zingofilm.se